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About Us

MANA is a strategic communications company providing a wide range of services including scientific communications, content marketing and public relations to organizations in life sciences, healthcare and technology-related industries. We are also an owner of Baird’s Communication Management Consultants, an international network present in over 70 countries. Baird’s CMC provides strategic communications solutions to corporations, governments and advocacy groups. Baird’s offers superior expertise worldwide in key sectors that include healthcare, environmental issues, government relations, financial services and telecommunications.

(R)evolutionary communications

MANA is an ancient Polynesian word that means “to have influence, authority and efficacy; the ability to perform in a given situation.” Our philosophy, and our services, are a reflection of our name. We help clients understand an issue or challenge, build and demonstrate thought leadership in their industry and among their communities, and engage in powerful, effective ways with key audiences and customer groups.

MANA and our European partners Hyderus offer a Flexible Pricing Plan. Learn more about it here: