Content Marketing and Publication Planning: Two Peas in the Same Pod


Everybody in marketing today knows that Content Marketing has become central to reaching audiences across multiple channels and platforms. That is because it is comprehensive, strategic and multidisciplinary. But despite what some communications agencies might be saying, it certainly isn’t new. In fact, Content marketing has been around since the 1800’s. With the advent of digital, and the proliferation of social media, what is new is that there are more channels than ever before to market content.

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Pharmaceutical Companies and mHealth: Where are the Opportunities?

mHealthMobile health, digital health and big data analytics are real growth areas, impacting all aspects of the healthcare ecosystem and changing how we deliver healthcare, manage our individual health, pay for services and access health related information, among other things. But where do pharmaceutical companies fit into the equation, and how can the pharmaceutical industry benefit from the revolution happening in mHealth?

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Cool Facts About Big Data in Healthcare



We are at a tipping point in the developed world where our ability to generate, analyze, interpret and act upon data is transforming multiple industries, governments and societies. Big Data is big business. In healthcare, Big Data holds enormous promise, and we’re already seeing its impact in areas such as precision medicine, biopharmaceutical R&D productivity, mobile health, telemedicine and more.

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Telehealth and the Internet of Things

internet-of-thingsI recently had a very interesting conversation with a telehealth thought leader. We discussed the amazing changes taking place in healthcare in the United States, and the key role that telehealth is going to play in the future. We also talked about the importance of the Internet of Things and healthcare. 

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Getting Past the Mobile Health Hype

Technologymicroprocessor-519144-editedLately I’ve been reading a lot about mobile health, and the mHealth market. Some of the discussion is focused on mHealth being overhyped. It seems that in the worlds of science and technology, there is a tendency to brand whatever is deemed the “next new thing” as being over hyped. While I understand this (after all, “experts” and news organizations need something to say), I can’t say that I agree with their assessment.

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McDonald’s Looks to Corporate Storytelling for the Secret Sauce


Recently, the New York Times ran an excellent story about McDonald’s, and its quest to redefine itself in the face of changing consumer tastes, damage to its corporate reputation, and debate about the future direction of the company. Unlike straightforward news stories about management changes–McDonald’s recently changed its CEO–this NYT feature story really looks at McDonald’s as a company struggling to revise its corporate narrative. It shows just how important corporate storytelling is, and how it can define everything that a company does–from its products and services, to the executives it hires, how it wants to be perceived by customers–everything.

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Telemedicine Marketing Strategies: Building Thought Leadership


Building thought leadership is an effective strategic tool for companies that are focused on providing innovative products and services. In life sciences, healthcare and medical technology-related industries, thought leadership can be a critical part of differentiating yourself and establishing competitive advantage. Telemedicine is a great example of an area where establishing thought leadership can make a real difference for companies.

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