Changing the Agency Business Model: Introducing Flexible Pricing


At MANA, we’re committed to change in an industry where the business model has remained the same for at least the past 75 years. As part of Baird’s CMC, we’re already active members of a global organization of communications management consultants who offer international organizations a depth of experience and a range of expertise that our competitors simply cannot match. Now, along with our Baird’s CMC colleagues and fellow shareholders Hyderus, we’re launching a new flexible pricing program. Mark Chataway, head of Hyderus, Co-Chairman of Baird’s CMC and my good friend for decades, made a great video to launch our new initiative. Check it out, and be sure to catch MANA’s very own commercial jetliner at the end of the video.

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Precision Medicine Still Waits for the “Aha” Moment

personalized_medicineThe precision medicine market is growing fast. But for some leading doctors, not fast enough. That’s the view of Dr. Eric Topol, one of the premier thought leaders in medicine and a true believer in the potential of precision medicine to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

In a recent article in MedCity News, Dr. Topol expresses his frustration that recent advances in genomics and precision medicine have not been embraced by the medical community as quickly as they should. According to Dr. Topol, one of the main reasons for this is the fact that “when physicians were trained, modern-day genomics was not part of the curriculum.” “I’m sad to say, it’s still not part of the curriculum – but it’s starting to pick up.”

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Business Storytelling: The Disruptors Shall Inherit the Earth

Disruptive_innovationAs a start up company, I’m always very interested in learning from others and doing things better, especially if it involves changing the business model. Disruptive innovation is all around us.

To me, disruption is beautiful. New companies, with entirely new innovations, have been upending industries throughout the history of the industrialized world. Automobiles put an  end to the horse and buggy industry and changed the world’s infrastructure forever. Computers gave birth to the information age and eventually put more processing power in people’s pockets than existed in the Apollo 13’s guidance computer. Apple reinvented the way music is purchased and listened to, and changed the entire music industry along the way.

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We Want Outside the Box Thinking. Please Fill in the Boxes on this RFP

Old-robotAgency RFPs are a Waste of Time. Here’s Why.

I think and write a lot about the power of disruptive change. And I am often amazed at how steeped in tradition my own industry can be. Strategic marketers talk a good game about disruption as a force for good in any given industry. Yet clients and agencies are still using outdated processes and practices that go back 50 years or more. Case in point: the dreaded Request for Proposal. When I talk about changing the agency business model, getting rid of the RFP is high on the list.

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