Healthcare Marketing Report 2015

Healthcare Marketing Report 2015


Challenges and Opportunities for Healthcare Marketers in 2015

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Healthcare in the United States is in a transformational period. The Affordable Care Act, an explosion in new medical technologies, and the emergence of personalized medicine as a new model for healthcare delivery are all contributing to massive changes. In our free report, written specifically for those of us working in healthcare marketing, we take a look at some of these areas to identify what healthcare marketers will be facing in 2015.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the 2015 Healthcare Marketing Report:

  • Pharmaceutical industry challenges and opportunities, including value-based pricing models
  • Why diagnostics and personalized medicine are continuing to grow, and how marketers at these companies can continue to contribute to growth
  • The enormous opportunities emerging in telehealth, and why this sector in particular is experiencing explosive growth

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