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Inbound Marketing? We’re Early Adopters

We understand inbound, because we use it ourselves.

Some agencies give advice to clients that they themselves don’t follow. It’s that whole “shoemaker’s children” thing. We’re not that kind of company. Especially when it comes to inbound marketing. We believe in it, because we’ve been using inbound marketing to sell our own services for nearly a decade.

The team at MANA LLC understands the fundamentals of inbound marketing, and we know how and where to use it in combination with other marketing disciplines. We help clients evaluate their current content and digital assets, audit their strategy, think about essentials like keywords, blogs, offers and social media outreach, and execute inbound marketing plans that deliver results.

As HubSpot partners, we know how to integrate various inbound marketing technologies and ensure that implementation is smooth and efficient.

If you are considering adding or updating an inbound strategy for a company or product offering, MANA is ready to partner with you.

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