Healthworks Collective: How Mobile Technologies Are Changing the Face of Medicine


It’s no secret that one of the biggest problems facing the American healthcare system is a growing shortfall in providers; especially primary care physicians. And while we may not like it, this trend shows no sign of reversing anytime soon. Can mobile health technologies help to address this problem? HealthWorks Collective has an excellent article on this question from Dr. John Henning, a primary care doctor and residency program director.

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Communication and Content: Critical Ingredients for Patient Engagement

Doctor_patientPatient engagement is a hot topic as healthcare continues to be complex, and as technology increases the ability of medical practices to remain connected to their patients. In simple terms, patient engagement is about creating interventions that influence patient behavior and encourage positive changes (such as better diet, more exercise, quitting smoking) that lead to improved outcomes, better patient care, and lower costs. This is the “triple aim” of healthcare.

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