Precision Medicine Still Waits for the “Aha” Moment

personalized_medicineThe precision medicine market is growing fast. But for some leading doctors, not fast enough. That’s the view of Dr. Eric Topol, one of the premier thought leaders in medicine and a true believer in the potential of precision medicine to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

In a recent article in MedCity News, Dr. Topol expresses his frustration that recent advances in genomics and precision medicine have not been embraced by the medical community as quickly as they should. According to Dr. Topol, one of the main reasons for this is the fact that “when physicians were trained, modern-day genomics was not part of the curriculum.” “I’m sad to say, it’s still not part of the curriculum – but it’s starting to pick up.”

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Accelerating Precision Medicine? Elementary My Dear Watson

Big-DataOne of my favorite life sciences industry media channels, BioPharma Dive, had a story this week about a new collaboration between IBM’s Watson Health division and 14 major oncology centers nationwide. The alliance is focused on bringing unprecedented analytics technology to cancer genomics.

The potential of this kind of collaboration on the growth of precision medicine, and its impact on the oncology market is exciting. Watson isn’t just for beating humans at Jeopardy!  It is now a core part of IBMs strategic vision in a number of different markets, including life sciences. Continue reading

Precision Medicine or Personalized Medicine: What’s in a Name?


Recently there has been a lot of news about Precision Medicine, from president Obama’s announcement of a national Precision Medicine Initiative during his State of the Union address on January 30th, to the more recent announcement from the United Kingdom’s government innovation agency that it was launching a Precision Medicine Catapult (pun intended)–an initiative designed to accelerate the development of precision medicine and make the UK the ideal place to develop and launch precision medicine technologies.

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AstraZeneca Doubles Down on Personalized Medicine


This week, AstraZeneca made a major announcement about its commitment to personalized medicine. AstraZeneca announced that it had established four research agreements to develop new “genetic scissors” technology that promises to allow the development of more effective and precisely targeted treatments. This is another step forward and further evidence that “precision medicine,” as president Obama called it in his recent State of the Union address, is seen as the future of drug development and medical progress. It is also further proof that global leaders in the pharma industry are fully embracing personalized medicine. Continue reading

The Personalized Medicine Market in 2015

Last night, as part of his State of the Union address, President Obama called for a national initiative focused on precision medicine. Precision medicine, also known as personalized medicine, is one of the fastest growing segments in healthcare, with enormous potential to increase the efficiency of our healthcare system, reduce costs, eliminate waste and improve patient outcomes. With that in mind, we decided to take a look at some of the numbers related to the growth of personalized medicine, and see what story they tell about the personalized medicine market in 2015.

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