Baird’s CMC Announces World’s First Sexual & Reproductive Health Specialist Practice

reproductive health

Today, our partner Baird’s CMC is announcing the launch of the first global consultancy of its kind focused on sexual and reproductive health. It is an integrated practice that includes research, analysis, planning, consultancy and implementation expertise, anywhere in the world. If you are facing a challenge, dealing with a crisis, developing a new product or seeking to understand the potential political, social and regulatory implications of a policy change, Baird’s CMC offers the expertise to help you make informed decisions. Welcome to the dawning of a new era.

Here’s what you can expect when you talk to us

  • A different level of management consultancy that encompasses research, analysis planning and implementation
  • The ability to help you communicate about change
  • Resources anywhere (absolutely anywhere) you need them–our international team of SRH specialists live and work in more than 70 countries and on every continent
  • Serious credentials in sexual and reproductive health–our team includes former government health ministers, senior staff from multinational NGOs, corporate leadership from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, and professional management consultants
  • State-of-the-art technology and systems to manage global teams and projects cost effectively

You may have a pressing need that requires serious expertise in sexual and reproductive health to help you navigate through a difficult situation. Or you might just want to learn more about what a truly world-class consultancy specialising in sexual and reproductive health can do for your organisation. Either way, please get in touch with us. If it has anything to do with sexual and reproductive health, we’re confident we can help.

Strategic Communications Can’t Fix Bad Leadership


This morning I watched the news with dismay as I learned about Rolling Stone magazine’s apparently false story about the rape of a student at the University of Virginia (UVA). In a 9,000 word article published in November 2014 entitled “A Rape on Campus,” a UVA student, identified in the article by the fictional name of “Jackie” to protect her real identity, alleged that she was the victim of a vicious gang rape at a campus fraternity house. After investigating the case, police in Charlottesville, Virginia could find no evidence that a rape had taken place. Upon further investigation it was discovered that the reporter, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, did not talk to any of the students allegedly involved in the rape before publishing the story. Rolling Stone retracted the story, apologized, and published an independent report by the Columbia School of Journalism that detailed where the magazine had gone wrong in developing this story. But the magazine also blamed “Jackie” for manipulating the magazine’s reporting process, and it also stated that none of the editors or reporters involved in the false story would lose their jobs. Continue reading

Strategic Positioning for Healthcare Organizations

Strategic_planningIn my work with global pharmaceutical, diagnostics and medical device companies, I am often called upon to help clients struggling to develop their strategic positioning. Sometimes my clients have a well defined, systematic and robust approach to developing their positioning and building their plans, and they just need help going through the process. But sometimes, more often with smaller organizations and start-ups, they don’t. Sometimes companies really need help creating the process first, and then going through that process to develop their plan.

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Personalized Medicine: Reimbursement and Marketing Challenges

personalized_medicineWe are undoubtedly in the midst of major change in how healthcare is delivered, measured and paid for. As with all periods of great change, there are going to be winners and losers. One area I’ve been bullish about for a few years now is diagnostics and personalized medicine. As the US healthcare system moves from a volume based model to a value and outcomes based model, the ability to deliver the right treatment to the right patient at the right time means that personalized medicine, and the diagnostic products and services that make it possible, has an opportunity to be a real winner. The growth statistics and forecasts for this dynamic market sector make for interesting reading.

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Empathy: The Killer App in Strategic Communications and Leadership

empathyOf all the challenges we face working in the strategic marketing and communications business, among the most frustrating is dealing with those who have a misguided understanding of what it is that we do. Amazingly, in 2014 there are still people who view strategic communications as ‘spin’ (a word I personally loathe) and as a non-essential function that can be done when times are good, and cut from the corporate budget at the first sign of financial difficulty.

It saddens me that there are still those among us whose understanding of strategic communications dates from the 1950s. Fortunately there are also plenty of folks that I work with in corporate leadership positions today who really value the importance of communications and see it as an essential part of their company’s executive leadership function. In today’s world, communication is ubiquitous. Companies that understand this tend to see corporate communications as an essential function, and many are at the forefront of their industries. Companies that fail to embrace this fact spend much of their time reacting to events, putting out fires and trying to catch up with their more enlightened competitors. Continue reading

A No-Nonsense Approach to Content Marketing

Create_More_ContentIn the world of strategic communications, some content marketing “gurus” running communications departments and agencies like to position themselves as knowing the “secrets” of content marketing, which they will introduce to you, The Client, if you’d just provide them with a budget and pay their fees. My advice to prospective clients is this: if you hear that from an agency or a marketing person, what you should do next is slam the door in their face, and put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign until they go away.

There are no “secrets” to content marketing. It starts with objectives, and a clear strategy. It requires a clear understanding of your story, your audience, your communications assets and how best to deliver them to your audiences. Here is a no-nonsense approach to creating an effective, coherent strategy. Don’t let an agency try to over complicate things as a way to sell you what you don’t need. Continue reading