Primary Care and the Evolution of Healthcare: MedCity News

MedCity News Article on Primary Care and the Future of Healthcare

As primary care goes, so goes the U.S. healthcare system. I’ve often said that the challenges in the U.S. healthcare system, or many of them at least, could be addressed if the challenges facing primary care were fixed. This is a tall order. A great article in MedCity News explains how a deep understanding of primary care and it central role in healthcare reform can help us navigate the future of healthcare. Continue reading

The mHealth Market: 43% Growth Through 2019

mhealthThe mobile health market is hot. Consumer driven healthcare, an aging population, the proliferation of smart devices and greater connectivity than ever before have created the “perfect storm” where mhealth and technology driven diagnostic services are experiencing explosive growth.

The global mhealth and diagnostic medical device market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 43.3% between 2013 and 2019. That’s not just hot, that’s muy caliente.

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Telehealth and the Internet of Things

internet-of-thingsI recently had a very interesting conversation with a telehealth thought leader. We discussed the amazing changes taking place in healthcare in the United States, and the key role that telehealth is going to play in the future. We also talked about the importance of the Internet of Things and healthcare. 

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Telemedicine Marketing Strategies: Building Thought Leadership


Building thought leadership is an effective strategic tool for companies that are focused on providing innovative products and services. In life sciences, healthcare and medical technology-related industries, thought leadership can be a critical part of differentiating yourself and establishing competitive advantage. Telemedicine is a great example of an area where establishing thought leadership can make a real difference for companies.

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Telemedicine Market Growth

Telemedicine is one of the fastest growing sectors in healthcare. The telemedicine market is doubling and tripling in size, depending upon which segments you look at and the sources of those numbers. The point is, this area of healthcare is hot, and only getting hotter as more attention turns to improving cost effectiveness and alternative care delivery models.

Over the past few months, we’ve been enjoying ourselves with infographics. Having fun creating them, sharing them, and using them in our social media outreach. We took a look at some of the impressive numbers showing the growth of telemedicine. Here they are: Continue reading

MANA 2015 Healthcare Marketing Report


Healthcare in the United States is in a transformational period. The Affordable Care Act, an explosion in new medical technologies, and the emergence of personalized medicine as a new model for healthcare delivery are all contributing to massive changes. In our free report, written specifically for those of us working in healthcare marketing, we take a look at some of these areas to identify what healthcare marketers will be facing in 2015.

We are very passionate about the industries and the clients we serve, and we believe that it is an incredibly challenging and exciting time for healthcare marketers as the U.S. healthcare system goes through a period of unprecedented change.

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Telemedicine Market Shows Strong Growth Due to Healthcare Changes

telemedicineOne of the biggest growth areas in healthcare right now is telemedicine. The numbers are impressive. In a report from global market research company IHS, telemedicine, which is defined as “the use of medical devices and communication technology together to monitor diseases and symptoms,” is predicted to grow at a cumulative annual growth rate of more than 56 percent between 2013 and 2018. Continue reading