Mana Hyderus Flexible Pricing Model

Your toughest projects, our top expertise…

…now you decide how much to pay.

Most management consultants like to charge their headline rate. Only then – if your project is big enough, your business important enough or if you’re just plain lucky – will they agree to discounts. But now, as business rules get torn up, what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Like you, at MANA and Hyderus we are more interested in tomorrow rather than yesterday.

Like you, we’re not immune to the disruptive forces reshaping our business environment. As members of the Baird’s CMC network, we’re always innovating, and we’ve changed our business model: to keep giving you the services that  you rely on at a price you can afford.

Business we win competitively will be priced in our pitch at our standard rates. We charge $250 an hour for the time of our most senior people (and between $60 and $150 for colleagues with less experience). For large contracts, our rates for senior consultants can drop to as little as $150 an hour.

If you choose to work with us directly, briefing and contracting us outside of a competitive tendering process, we will reward you by offering you discounted rates that not even our largest clients enjoy.

Our dynamic pricing model will give you choice and flexibility like never before if you can plan ahead. Just as you expect to pay less to fly to Florida in mid-August or to Delhi in the middle of May, we now offer all our clients lower rates during our quieter times. Book your work into our diary and you’ll see we have three pricing tiers: green, amber and red.


If you can contract with us well in advance, so long as we’re not already booked solid, your project will be costed at our lowest rate. Start and finish of your project must fall inside the same discount period. You could get one of our senior advisers for as little as $1,000 a day. Take a look at our diary and find the best rate for your project.


When you have a larger project and your deadline is a way off, we can discount our services because we’ll have a longer time period to complete your project. That means we get your work done when our best people have gaps in their schedule. If you don’t need your deliverables in a hurry, then prices for our senior staff can be as low as $200 an hour. Call us to discuss your needs; we’ll consider your project on its long term merits, even if we reach our agreement during one of our busier times.


Fast turnaround work to respond to unanticipated opportunities and events can’t be avoided. You can take the pressure off by calling on our experience to deliver high quality results in a hurry. Our standard prices are still lower than many of our competitors, and are ideal if you want something done immediately, at a specific time or in a rush. Call or email any time and, subject to availability, we will agree deadlines with you and start work as soon as we have a signed agreement.

Our small print.

These rates are for clients who commission us directly. Low rate periods are subject to availability. We may promote these low rate periods directly to smaller not-for-profit clients and others, so book your project in while you still can, if you want to secure our best rates.




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