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Strategic communications for technology and innovation. It’s what we do.

Technology has reached a tipping point. Cloud technologies have made communication across the world a simple task. Big Data is starting to provide insights that can save billions in healthcare costs, improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery, and improve quality of life for millions of people. Advanced materials are making our homes, cars and workplaces smarter, safer and more energy efficient. Telemedicine is making it possible to bring the best medical minds in the world to remote areas where people are in desperate need.

Whether it is in healthcare, aerospace, telecommunications or infrastructure, MANA offers decades of experience helping innovation-focused companies communicate how their technologies can change the world. We understand regulated industries. We also understand the need for an agency partner with specialized experience in scientific and technical communication. If you are a technology and innovation-focused company looking for a strategic communications partner who can speak your language, contact us today.

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